Abdul Karim is one of the oldest and pioneer institutions working in the field of retail trade (import & sale). Shop for household items, electronic household appliances,  ready-made blankets and other types of household items.

The enterprise is owned to Mr. Abdul Karim which was founded in 2018 and began in Barari outlet mall al-ain (UAE). The business runs 5 branches distributed throughout the emirate including 2 branches in Abu Dhabi and 3 branches in al-ain. Abdul Karim commercial foundations own exclusive agency for the most important Turkish home products.

Latest products include:

  1. Dinnerware and prosecutions of stainless steel made in turkey, India and others.
  2. Dining sets of spoon forks and knives made in Germany, Italy & China.
  3. Latest crews cups and of coffee tea & bottle made of fine crystal.
  4. Latest different types of tea set from Germany, Turkey, China and others.
  5. We have a great collection of flask different types of design.
  6. Latest design flask from Germany, Turkey, China and others.
  • Address : Ground Floor, Barari Outlet Mall
  • Payment : Cash & Card
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