Fun Block is a fresh brand, introduced by Fun City, a part from the Landmark Leisure concept. It is a community-centric brand, an extension of the existing Fun City centres, continuing the philosophy of giving all little ones the ideal indoor playground.  Fun Block is designed to create an environment that is stimulating and challenging for the children as they move from climbing frames, interactive elements, crawl tunnels, padded obstacles, rope bridges, ball pools and slides. Fun Block’s soft play area is called Play Block. With over 100 activities to choose from, children can play inside a colourful playground that enhances their physical skills and encourages them to enjoy exercise. The Volcano slide located next to Play Block is one of children’s favourite activity giving them the excitement of climbing all the way up to and sliding their way down the “volcano”. 

Fun Block is the ideal indoor playground area for children from 1-12 giving them endless hours of playtime, surrounding them with fun, laughter and joy.  Fun Block is a one of a kind indoor play centre that has a massive soft play structure, energy-boosting and challenging climbing walls, fun rides and a trampoline park with the freedom to JUMP, CLIMB, SLIDE & PLAY!


It caters to mainly 3 fun activity areas -

Jump Block, Play Block & Climb Block, which are built to tap your young ones

Imagination, motor skills and creativity. 



Climb Block gives every little adventurer

a unique challenging climbing experience that is super fun. Supervised by highly trained professionals at all times, your little one is in safe hands when reaching great heights or during free falls.



Spend hours running, sliding and having fun with the most amusing

captivating ball pools, fun slides

and extremely safe soft play structures. Play Block develops

your child’s physical and motor skills through exploring this colourful space.



Jump and slam dunk hooks, dodge the ball or simply let loose on bouncy

Trampolines at Jump Block. This indoor trampoline park allows your child to do flips and somersaults in an extremely safe play environment.

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